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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 28, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update October 28, 2022


October 28, 2022

Melody, melody, melody… this is what was my focus this week. It even got a bit out of control and prevented me from finishing a lesson that was on the schedule (not that that never happens). Today’s Update included instrumental attempts at a couple of recent lessons and ended with a look at the offending culprit. In between I explored the melodies to It Was Very Good Year (in a couple different keys) and Galveston (also in a couple keys) and came to the realization that both of those might make good solos.

This all started because I spent some time this week listening to Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell. We have lessons on a few of their collaborations and another on the way next week, and by the end of the video you will know what led to my detour.

Meanwhile, we did get a couple new lesson up – A Teenager In Love by Dion And The Belmonts, and Galveston, one of the aforementioned collaborations. Glen Campbell definitely had the knack of putting his stamp on Jimmy’s compositions.

Next week we will see a Phil Collins lesson from Nesh and an approachable version of the instrumental I played at the end.

See you in November,



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