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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 23, 2024

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 23, 2024


February 23, 2024

We have scheduled a couple exciting things for the very near future. The first is that it is about time for another live event. On Saturday March 2 we will host a free session with me going over Intervals that are heard and used commonly in thousands of songs. I opened today’s update with some examples in songs you likely know.

We are also starting up another 3-Minute 30-Day Challenge. This week I had a very enjoyable lesson with the grand prize winner, which got me listening to a couple songs I was not familiar with. I showed a little of a Porcupine Tree tune that became part of the lesson. It may turn into a full lesson soon while it is fresh i my head. These are the kind of things that strike my fancy and get bumped to the top occasionally in my long list of possible lessons.

That is also how this week’s new lesson came about, and jumped the queue. It was a lesson in harmonization, basically figuring out the chords to a song by analyzing the melody. There was a bit of theory and a bit of math involved, but don’t let that scare you off. The song was Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love, which we already have a standard lesson on but I suggest not looking at that if you want to tackle the harmonization lesson.

If you are on our email list keep an eye out for info on the next episode of TG Live, as well as info on the 3-Minute Challenge. It will all be on our Forum as well.

Other tunes that crossed my fingers this week included Love Me Tender, Faro’s Rag and Josie.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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