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Totally Guitars Weekly Update November 4, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update November 4, 2022


November 4, 2022

Beatles arrangements started today’s Update. I got a request from a student to put up an arrangement of In My Life that was not as difficult as one I did a few years ago in the original key of A. This gave me an opportunity to dig through the archives and revisit my album A Beatles Collection from a few decades ago. All our audio albums are available through Joplin And Sweeney Music. I did add my older, easier version of this to the solo lesson which I invite you to take a look at – In My Life solo lesson.

This led me into talking about keys to consider when you are working on a song. There are a lot of criteria to consider depending on the goal. I mentioned Sylvia[ (which I have an Acoustic Snapshot on but no lesson yet), a current project on It Was A Very Good Year, a possible solo version of this week’s look at Highwayman by Jimmy Webb (as done by Glen Campbell, and even Mark Knopfler, and even a short detour into a standard done by Les Paul and many others.

This week we also had a new lesson from Nesh going into That’s Just The Way It Is by Phil Collins.

Blah, blah, blah…



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