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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 11th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 11th, 2020


This week I put together a little musical education presentation for a group of 5th grade students at my wife’s school. I thought I would start what may become a regular series with some very early American songs, starting with Stephen Foster and Henry Clay Work, who wrote My Grandfather’s Clock. I used a bit of that tune as an intro to today’s update and did some research into its history, which I told in the first segment. I also played a bit of a couple arrangements that are under construction right now, although I should say under reconstruction as they were both tunes I played over 20 years ago and somehow lost track of. They were Send In The Clowns and Can You Read My Mind (from Superman). Unfortunately, the mood was broken as helicopters on their way to a Santa Cruz Mountains fire interrupted things.

The first segment also included news about possible IGC rescheduled dates and a message to our KOA members who would like to get started on their Pathways Program.

This week we completed the Neil Young run we were on with lessons on Burned and Flying On The Ground Is Wrong, and I mentioned that he is now solidly in second place at TG as far as volume of lessons. We also did a smooth jazz lesson that Max put together on Grover Washington Jr.’s Mister Magic and resurrected our Fly On The Wall series with Bill working on Souvenirs and Country Girl, a couple recent lessons. Although FOTW may have to be rebranded as something else along the lines of Voyeur In A Zoom Meeting.

Coming Next Week- Coldplay, Tears For Fears and the delinquent lesson on Because (assuming things go better than this week), as well as the final two Neil Young 5-Packs (Volumes 7 & 8!).


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  1. Keninoz September 13, 2020

    As a newbie to this site, I’m impressed with the quality of lessons & materials.

    Your extras such as this blog are also very impressive & make a big difference to the overall student experience. They provide a feeling of being more closely connected to the product & the teachers.


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