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The Good Life – A Ragtime Excursion

Acoustic Snapshots

The Good Life – A Ragtime Excursion


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One of my great loves as a guitar player is playing classic ragtime arrangements. I recently revived some Scott Joplin pieces I first started playing in the 1970’s. That got me interested in composing them again. I had written a few many years ago, a couple of which appeared on some of my solo guitar albums. This time I started with the goal being to write something playable by intermediate students.
The Good Life materialized over a couple sessions on October 25, 2014. Section A met my original plan of being somewhat easy to play, used some standard ragtime techniques, and included even clich√© licks and progressions. Section B pretty much stayed the course until the last line, which introduced a moving bass line, consequently raising the difficulty level a bit. Section C followed the traditional “trio” model, with a little lighter texture in the sub-dominant key. By the time I got to Section D, the plan of keeping it easy was completely abandoned and it started with a cascade of descending chords, closing with a flurry of arpeggios.
In any case, I hope you like it and tablature will be available at Totally Guitars soon.


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