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Angi by Davy Graham – Neil Hogan Acoustic

Acoustic Snapshots

Angi by Davy Graham – Neil Hogan Acoustic


Online Guitar Lessons from Totally Guitars
Angi (Anji, Angie) by Davy (Davey) Graham has been one of the most requested songs for me to do a lesson on at Totally Guitars almost since day (over 5 years ago now!). Some obstacles with creating a lesson have been that there are so many different versions, Bert Jansch, Paul Simon, et al., most of which included a lot of improvising. I think I have a plan now that will be multi-faceted, and eventually will cover as many bases as possible. The starting point will be Davy’s original recording, as released on his 1961 EP 3/4 A.D., which also featured a blues improvisation with Alexis Korner.
In this video I tried to recreate a version as close to Davy’s original as possible, although it included a bit of my own improvising as well. There are at least recreations of the way Davy played each of the 3 sections, along with most of the licks and fills.
A lesson along this line is under construction and will be available at Totally Guitars soon.


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