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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 4, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 4, 2022


February 4, 2022

Today I started with some improvising in A Minor, which led to a discussion on descending bass lines in minor keys. There are numerous songs that do this and I mentioned a few. Next up was a call to KOA members to watch the Forum for details on our upcoming Webinar, which will be Saturday, Feb. 12 at noon Pacific time. Onto a couple tangents: Ed Claxton, computer replacement, and a mention from the Forum about Dear Prudence.

Last week I took my Claxton guitar back to his shop for some fret work. He found a few other things he wanted to fix up (ever happen to you at the mechanics?), so it will be a few more days. A report will come next week. I had planned to end with a walk through attempt at a solo version of Dear Prudence, which looks promising enough to pursue. Before I could sign off I got caught up in something that happened in a lesson today with one of my students. It turned into a mini-lesson on playing 6ths on the 4th and 2nd strings. Let me know if it seemed coherent, or if you have questions that I could address?

Back next week…



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