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Totally Guitars Weekly Update June 3, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update June 3, 2022


June 3, 2022

Today a tune I wrote about 20 years ago popped into my head as the camera started rolling. I can never be sure how things like that will shake out, but it was fine after a couple small bumps in the road. At one point I froze until I could remember what chord must have been there, which pointed out how useful music theory can be in terms of resurrecting rusty pieces. Once I locked in what the chord must have been, it smoothed the path.

The main new project for this week was a collaboration instigated by our friends in Europe, Corina and Chris. They got inspired by White Bird and asked me to record an accompaniment version for them to sing over. This had to be a little different from my solo guitar arrangement and I talk a little about how that project evolved into an Acoustic Snapshot that we posted this week.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I would start adding tips to each Weekly Update, and promptly forgot to keep it up over the next weeks. Today’s plan was to make up for that with a couple. One was a finger exercise working on playing efficiently and the other went into some important alphabet skills. I hope you find something useful there over the coming weeks.



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