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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 24th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 24th, 2020


Recently I have had a lot of Beatles tunes running through my, for a few reasons, including that one of my students is trying to get together about 20 of them as quickly as possible for a group performance they are doing soon. It has given me some ideas for future lessons but it also got me revisiting some that I recorded a little over 30 years ago, some of which crossed my mind as the camera was running this morning. And as usual, they might have been better if I tried a dry run through before but that was not to be.

So aside from tackling a few tunes, I had another health update (things are really looking up now!), and a bit of news on how you can get a hold of me directly at TG now, something that has been a bit of an obstacle for a few years now due to a technical oversight on my part.

So going forward, I look forward to hearing from you,



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