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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 17th, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 17th, 2020


Sorry to have been AWOL last week but there is a brief health update in today’s video (all good news now really). One thing that I have been able to do recently is revisit some relatively old pieces that were almost forgotten. I thought I might bookend the News today with them, starting with One Step Beyond and closing with Along The Way. These were tunes I wrote shortly after releasing El Dorado around 2002, planning to get right back on track with another album of originals. Somehow I got sidetracked on that plan but continued with new pieces and now probably have enough for two albums, along with about ten live shows that I have been meaning to make available from concerts at Villa Montalvo with the likes of John Renbourn, Al Stewart, Keola Beamer and Laurence Juber. Maybe someday…soon…?

And speaking of concerts, our friend Muriel Anderson is on her annual California swing right now, doing shows in the south this week and coming back up here late next week for a couple that folks in the Bay Area should think about attending. Check her schedule at murielanderson.com. Hopefully we will have some time to sit down on camera together for you.

If you are on our email list you should have gotten a link to a survey we have put together about the workings at TG, which are in a transitional state right now that I talk a bit about in the update. If you haven’t seen it there is a post on the Forum with a link that I hope everybody will take a quick look at.

There were references to a couple other things that might interest a few of you, and a stab at the mysterious song #6 from Guy Van Duser’s Great Western TV Medley, before signing off with a run through of Along The Way. I hope you enjoy the long lost pieces.



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  1. Tom Kearney September 24, 2021

    I believe song number six in the Great Western TV Medley is “Mark’s Theme”, part of The Rifleman soundtrack. I’ve been trying to identify this song for over 30 years!

    Tom Kearney


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