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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 17th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up January 17th, 2014


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Well, so much for putting out shorter updates. Today’s stretched out for a bit, although the last 4-5 minutes consisted of a piece I wrote about 10 years ago titled One Step Beyond. Not sure what inspired playing it today but the fingers just sort of fell into it. Maybe I felt like if you made it this far you deserved a little entertainment. Some topics that got covered were British Blues, Neil Young’s mystery chord, a clue to a mystery song from last week, and big news on this year’s IGC.

In between various tangential diversions I briefly mentioned the new content: A Fly On The Wall with Wiley looking at I’m A Lucky Man by Paul Thorn (along with a long, general good time!), Target lessons on Neil Young’s Dreamin’ Man, Let Her Go by Passenger, The Monkees’ I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone, and a long time recommended lesson, The Man’s Too Strong by Dire Straits. We also started a new series of Acoustic Snapshots from Doug Young & Friends, starting with Doug’s tune Autumn Roads, and followed by Stu Frazier playing Leola Kay.

The IGC News for the day was that we have gotten teaching commitments from Dave Nachmanoff, Doug Young, and our very own Vanessa, with more announcements to come. I also spoke a bit about the format changes we are working on implementing, mostly from suggestions by last year’s campers, and to stay closely tuned as we will be offering an early bird special pretty soon.

Till next week…

Aloha from sunny California but please send rain!!!


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