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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 9, 2021

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up April 9, 2021


April 9, 2021

This morning a song ran through the house that stuck in my head and I started the Update with it and turned it into a ‘Name That Tune’ contest. If anybody can figure it out (without virtual assistance) there could be CD prizes awarded. I also mentioned some recent requests for song lessons, and, more particularly ones like Unforgettable where I talked through some choices and decisions that go into creating arrangements. I see more of those in the near future. I am especially considering some of the songs on my album Yesterday’s News. Quite a few tunes from that disc were scattered throughout the video today.

There was a surprising continuation to our Hummingbirds 2021 Saga… we have another family taking over last year’s nest. So, the Bird Cam will be opened up again soon.

New lessons this week included a few in the ‘Sappy Song’ category (with a nod to my cousin’s radio show on KTUH in Honolulu Sunday mornings). I would put our John Denver and Carpenters lessons in that group, not so much the Bruce Springsteen one.

Yesterday Once More
Darcy Farrow
Back Home Again
My Hometown

I also got caught up on Student Review with replies to Steve’s version of Ashokan Farewell and Carol’s Scarborough Faire.

And on to the teasers on upcoming stuff… you’ll have to watch to the end.



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