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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 13, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 13, 2022


May 13, 2022

Today the keys of Bm and D grabbed my wanderings at the top of the video. A little later I stumbled through a couple ragtime pieces that I used to have in good shape. Today, not so much, but one thing that came up in Dill Pickle Rag was a very unorthodox fingering I considered many years ago. I might add that I don’t recommend the strange approach that I considered a solution in the distant past.

In between there was a mention of this week’s new lesson, Lovers In A Dangerous Time by Bruce Cockburn, a reminder of tomorrow’s KOA Pathways get together, and an update on our original TG Site from 2009.

The news on that is that now that we are 2 years into our big rebuild and relaunch, we are getting close to shutting down the old site permanently. This may affect a few dozen folks who appear to still be using it and have not migrated to the new site. Personal emails will be going out to those people with instructions but I anticipate a few problems. Our crack Support team is on high alert and will be available to help anybody who has trouble. Here is a link with the instructions for those who have not made the migration yet-
Totally Guitars 2020 Site.



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