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Totally Guitars Weekly Update November 17, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update November 17, 2023


A lot of News this week…

November 17, 2023

A lot of News this week and a little less playing than usual, although I opened with some thoughts on The Earl Of Salisbury, as popularized by John Renbourn, and closed with some musings on Anji by Davy Graham and covered by Paul Simon, Bert Jansch and even Renbourn.

Three big News items from TG this week include our Free Webinar tomorrow, International Guitar Camp expanding to two sessions for 2024, and our friends at Vidami running a 20% off sale. Click the link and use the code BFCM20% to get the sweetheart deal.

The Vidami pedal is something I use when I need to slow down a video to hear more accurately what is going on. Just a few weeks ago it was really helpful when I was working on the lesson on Dave Van Ronk’s Gaslight Rag. It now works for the videos at Totally Guitars, which is a request we have had from users for years. It also controls a bunch of other computer functions that usually need hands on, making them hands off.

On Saturday November 18, 2023 we are running a Free Webinar called Guitar Geography: Intervals. I will be demystifying the layout of notes on the guitar fingerboard and showing how you can use intervals to learn all the notes across the six strings. Register in advance at the link below.

The last bit of big news is that we have scheduled two International Guitar Camps (IGC) for 2024, our 11th Main Camp will be in September and our first Mini Camp will be in April. We are only accepting registrations for the Mini Camp right now, and the link is below as well.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday next week and I will be back soon,



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