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Totally Guitars Weekly Update August 12, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update August 12, 2022


August 12, 2022

Today I opened with a short practice session where I am relearning a passage I have played the same way for over 40 years. I recently took a new look at it and decided it was time to change the fingering I had settled on long ago. It brought back fond memories of meeting and playing with John Renbourn, and a renewed interest in mastering a part I have slogged through for too long.

The new stuff this week included a lot of instrumentals, including a couple new packs and a very challenging lesson on Bruce Cockburn’s If I Had A Rocket Launcher. It has been quite a while since I categorized a song as advanced, but I think that one qualifies.

Two of the new packs were instrumentals, Bob McAlpine’s Classic Rock Solos and Intermediate Fingerpicking Solos Volume 2. We also had a new one on Carole King songs, which are also somewhat difficult.

The short tip of the week was on right hand position when fingerpicking. I talked a bit about difficulties a couple students were having lately and went into some ideas to make things smoother on the picking end.

And that was it, ending with a short improv in the key of A.

See you next week,



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  1. Bernd bfbe4 August 14, 2022

    hey Neil,
    it is much fun to hear and see your weekly show, it got a must have part of my Sunday morning and it takes me just away, it gives me a smile,
    and I hope, you‘ll never stop
    all the best from south Germany

    1. admin August 16, 2022

      Hey Bernd, thanks for the message and I am glad to be a part of your Sunday routine and musical universe!


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