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Totally Guitars Weekly Update July 15, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update July 15, 2022


July 15, 2022

Blues popped into my head as I started the camera today, specifically 12-bars in E, and generally a framework for James Taylor’s Steamroller Blues. I am looking at that tune and another, slightly later one that was requested for an upcoming lesson. This led to an unplanned (OTR?) mini-tip on the Blues Scale. Later, there is a planned tip that picks up on last week’s chat about memorizing the seven Natural Triads. This week I expanded it to a way to memorize the seven Natural Major Triads.
Tied to the thread about James Taylor songs and lesson requests, I talked a bit about other recent suggestions, including how I Can’t Wait seemed like a short, easy one to knock out for everybody until I listened a second time and heard a few new things I will have to address. I also did a little improv based on Dan Fogelberg’s Todos Santos, maybe enough to get some of you trying it yourselves.

As you may know, or may have noticed, I have been spending a lot of time (maybe too much?) digging up the past here at TG. This week I found a bunch of lessons ready for new Artist Packs, leading to sets by The Band, The Carpenters and The Offspring, and even got things set up to start shooting Fly On The Wall lessons again. I have to thank our IGC camper Rob for being willing to share his visit to TG Central with everybody, let alone his composition-in-progress Windy Hill. Most of this went into how melody notes are related to the chords, and they can sometimes clash, what are called non-harmonic notes.

We did release a new lesson this week on a 1950’s doo-wop song thanks to Nesh. Take a look at In The Still Of The Night by The Five Satins when you have a few minutes.

Next week: New lessons, new packs and a new tip!

See you then,


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