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Totally Guitars Weekly Update July 8, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update July 8, 2022


July 8, 2022

Last week’s sign off led us into the 4th of July Weekend and mine turned out to be quite eventful. It started with an Al Stewart/Dave Nachmanoff show (opening for Don McLean), continuing Sunday with a CD release party with Dave and our friend Cathy Belleville celebrating her debut album, then a small neighborhood parade at TG Central. A lot more details are covered in the first part of today’s Update, including another round of Covid hitting the last family members.

The TG Newsbits this week included a mention of tomorrow’s KOA Pathways Meeting and a hint about an upcoming lesson featuring a common 50s progression, which I hope everybody will recognize by now.

Today’s tip may have gone too fast to absorb in one hearing, but it was one path for quickly being able to name the notes in any triad. The key here is to start with the Natural Triads, meaning the seven triads in the key of C, and understanding the relationships between the four triads from smallest to largest – diminished, minor, major, augmented. Please add some comments after you’ve seen it (maybe a few times), and let me know if it clicks.

I ended the clip with a little bit of On The Horizon, the title tune from an album that I put together in 1999, shortly after meeting and getting re-inspired by John Renbourn. You can hear the whole thing in a Play Through as part of the lesson, or hear more of the album at the Audio Store.

And that was the week at TG,


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  1. Cathy Belleville July 9, 2022

    Great tip about using the natural triads to work to others!! I love this. Thanks also for the shout-out on my album! It has been such an honor to have folks listen & enjoy.


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