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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 25, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update February 25, 2022


February 25, 2022

Today I had some songs running through my head that used some interesting chord voicings, which led me to a few theory tips. I started with sliding a C chord up and down the neck to see what frets it sounded good at. This brought up some talk about Steve Howe and his applying it to a part of Starship Trooper ( I mistakenly referenced All Good People in the video), as well as the few songs like Melissa that use sliding ‘E’ shapes.

Once The Allman Brothers door was open, I went into some of the licks and fills in Blue Sky, and continued with a sad story on this week’s intended lesson, In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed. Due to tech problems with our lesson builder, the lesson did not get posted after I finished it. I took the opportunity to teach a bit of it in today’s Update. I hope you can follow some of the tips. But if not, rest assured it will be up and running as soon as we sort out the tech demons.

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