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Totally Guitars Weekly Update August 26, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update August 26, 2022


August 26, 2022

This weekend the family is spending a few days at the beach, just south of Santa Cruz, here in Northern California. It is amazing how prepping for a few days away with about a dozen people can be more time consuming than the trip itself. I did manage to find a couple quiet minutes to sit down with the guitar and shoot a short update though.

During the 45- minute trip over the hill a couple songs popped up that I hadn’t thought about for a few years. I hope you enjoy a little trip down memory lane with Neil Diamond and Bob Seger.

We did get to a couple new things this week. We started with a Fly On The Wall looking at Wonderwall by Oasis with Rob, and Nesh brought the first Phil Collins lesson to the TG library with Against All Odds.

A bit more traveling over the next few weeks but I will stay in touch as much as possible.

See you in September…



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