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Totally Guitars Weekly Update April 29, 2022

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update April 29, 2022


April 29, 2022

I started the camera today and something in G was trying to get out of the guitar. I hope you like the opening improv. My plan for today was to talk a little about something that came up with a student this week, actually a couple lessons went in this direction. He was trying to figure out what chords could be used to harmonize a particular note in the scale. Today’s tip went into how to find the likely chords. It even got a little algebraic, thinking of numbers rather than specific notes in the key.

The new lesson this week came up thanks to a recent request on the Forum, so please keep those coming. Pacing The Cage by Bruce Cockburn first crossed my radar many years ago, thanks to another request, but this time it stuck and his cool fingerpicking song has found its way into the TG Library.

I plan to continue with Tips & Tricks each week, especially if some questions or problems show up on the Forum. If not, I will just ramble on about something, as usual.

A couple other snippets of tunes interfered with the rambling today. Blues Land by Jerry Reed and Bermuda Triangle Exit by Stefan Grossman come to mind.

Back in May,



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