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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 8, 2024

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 8, 2024


March 8, 2024

A couple things happened in lessons with students that became subjects for today’s News. One was a question about swing time, which led to some improvising over 12-bar blues after examples from Chuck Berry and Loggins & Messina. The other was a song I messed with a few weeks ago which turned into this week’s new lesson–a look at Love Me Tender focused on ear training and harmonization. There was a good chunk of theory involved and I hope everybody could at least follow some of it.

Today marks the end of our first week of the 3-Minute 30-Day Challenge #2. I look forward to seeing how everybody is doing and seeing some comments on our Forum.

On the IGC front, we are down to just a couple spots available so if you are thinking of jumping in, it may be too late in a few days. Other big news there is that my lifelong friend Mike Mullins will be joining the staff bringing his incredible flatpicking and mandolin skills to our Spring Camp. Mike has made a few albums and the two most recent are Windows Of Time and 8-String Sketches. The first is a set of Country & Folk tunes and the latter is mandolin solos, much in the way I arrange guitar solos. They are both available at Apple Music and most of the other usual outlets, but you can get 8-String Sketches at Acoustic Disc as well.

Last Saturday we hosted another in our series of TG Live Events, this on centered around our continuing exploration of Intervals, particularly thirds and sixths. The segment has been added to our Guitar Geography Package.

The last few minutes were spent talking about swing time, showing examples and comparing a couple classic rock tunes, then ending with a couple examples of slow blues in 12/8 time. I am not sure whether it answered or asked more questions but hopefully everybody will get a little something out of it.

See you next week,


Song excerpts included Johnny B. Goode, Your Mama Don’t Dance, Stormy Monday, Loan Me A Dime and Love Me Tender.


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