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Tommy Emmanuel plays the Australian anthem (it should be anyway)

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel plays the Australian anthem (it should be anyway)


TG MATT: Actually, coz I was watching the show very carefully. That’s my first ever acoustic version, ever.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: And last night,
TG MATT: Yeah.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: It was totally different from the night before…
TG MATT: The night before.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: And no, no segments.
TG MATT: What… When you, but when you’re playing and they’re a little bit, there were emotional highs. There’s loud. There’s huge, it looks like you’re having an absolute ball. In fact, more fun than half the audience.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: That’s right! (laughs)
TG MATT: Right? Coz I was looking around at the audience, I was thinking, you should get into the slack keys. We were having a… him and I were sitting next to each other just digging up, but do you have a sense of when to bring the audience in when it’s just all you…
TG MATT: It’s up and down.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: Yeah, I learned that all my life the same as every other time. You know, you learn how to get to sound you want that they inspire you to play better.
TG MATT: Right.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: You learn how to get the lights in a way that make it… that make you feel like you really doing something special.
TG MATT: Right.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: Allowing in certain way or whatever. You feel comfortable about how you look whether you like… The night before I wore a black suit and I looked completely different.
TG MATT: More formal…
TOMMY EMMANUEL: Yeah, and last night I just felt like wearing jeans and a kinda funky shirt. So I did. You know what I mean? And I thought, I started the show, what did I start with last night? I started with The Jolly Swagman…
TG MATT: Well, you got, you got me.
(Plays guitar)
TOMMY EMMANUEL: See, I wrote that tune because I’ve been thinking about.. there was a logo that we had when I was with The Bushwackers and it was the Swagman kicking his heels up playing at Constantina, and he just looked like he was really flying and having a good time, and I thought, the Jolly’s Swag – where’s the Jolly Swagman? I gotta write him a song! You know. So that’s where that came from and what I tried to create was like a fiddle kind of tune. So I use this…
(Plays guitar)
TOMMY EMMANUEL: And plays the __3.13___
TG MATT: Coz I tell you what, I was kinda sick out with you.
TG MATT: I already was.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: And you’re not afraid I go to rehab with Mr. Peter Allens here…
TG MATT: Yeah.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: And sometimes I play…
(Plays guitar)
TOMMY EMMANUEL: You see I play this __3.45___ a little American thing in the end.
TG MATT: What’s that little American thing in the end…
TOMMY EMMANUEL: It’s Wildwood Flower.
TG MATT: It is, yeah. Okay, I thought… okay.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: AP Carter. The Carter Family.
TG MATT: Wow! And do you ever play any contemporary Australian songs that you reconvert like… Now I’m gonna throw some stuff out like __4.05___ exist or anything that…
TOMMY EMMANUEL: I probably could work some out, but I’m more interested in writing my own songs, to be honest. I’m more interested in writing my own songs… that’s my passion in life.


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