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Tommy Emmanuel – Initiation

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel – Initiation


Matt: Two songs that stood out for us we talked about with about your own tunes. One was the Questions was just beautiful
Tommy: Thank you!
Matt: And the last tune which I didn’t think Neil would like which was the term…
Tommy: Oh Initiation
Matt: Initiation!
Tommy: Yeah! Well that’s just an thing that I’ve messed around 20 years ago. I started mess around with the delay and I thought ‘hey I can get this’ and then I got the guitar I got to pick up, so it’s way too hard and had too many frequencies that natural. And then I started driving things and all of a sudden the acoustic guitar goes into a rhythm that is not design on the go. All of a sudden I started getting Didgeridoo noises and animal noises and put the sense on the face and get wind and from there whack in the pick out and spike in the bottom end. And all of a sudden I’m creating something that’s ordinary just let it grew up over the grown.
Matt: it was nice and you were chanting…
Tommy: Yeah I always do that
Matt: Was that something
Tommy: I felt like doing that last night
Matt: It was beautiful.
Tommy: And I, because I know that sound well. I can make my voice sound like an original you know that kind of nasally ahhhh…that’s sort of sound and you put that with the strong (Strumming the guitar), sound and that kind of sound ahhh… (Strumming the guitar), do you hear that sound? That’s very tunnel and sometimes it’ll be different I’ll do something else. And one night I remember this night very well because it was a long time ago. My keyboard player when I came back on stage it was wet on the face and he told me later on that when I was dancing. I got into this dancing and I thought Sh** this fells like the real thing you know what I mean. I got into a path of dancing and I felt I never this looks like I’ve seen it and my keyboard player sttin in the shadow of the wall was an apparitional.
Matt: Wow!
Tommy: My shadow from the light was an apparitional and he started go to fright and his looking at me, looking at the wall and it was two different things and I knew it and you know it’s never happen since. And I’ve never been able to find that dance again… (Laughing)


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