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Tommy Emmanuel – Part 4 – The Maton Guitar

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel – Part 4 – The Maton Guitar


Neil: Who trashed that thing?
Tommy: Absolutely! It’s got a hole on here I did that in Cambria.
Matt: When you’re on, I saw you on stage doing a lot of thing what was that?
Tommy: Microphone, Midrange
Neil: Mark, so you can see it in the dark?
Tommy: Well so just I can see because I’m blind as a bat and that’s the microphone.
Matt: And so, you were doing that on, what were your thinking?
Tommy: Well, before I play the tune like Monalisa or Somewhere Over The Rainbow, or something like that I usually have on it, so I’m beating the midrange, I’m beating the base down and let the melody speak.
Neil: Ahh!
Tommy: Because there’s a long river on it you don’t wanted to get, because river when you put river on the guitar it sets it back you wanted to come out and the river to go behind the note, not in front of the note.
Matt: Wow!
Tommy: So, in the midrange is what helps you do that. So, when I play (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) the base comes down about almost halfway. The midrange goes up about almost halfway and the microphone is almost flat out and that’s how it gets the sound and, because I’m covering the hole I used a mic flat down you know what I mean. But this what sounds like (Strumming the guitar), it’s got the sweet tone came from a tune last night.
Matt: Has its age sounded better?
Tommy: It gets better and better
Matt: Co’z, that was…
Neil: Thought she would less finish on it, the more finish you take off
Tommy: That’s it!
Neil: The better it sounds.
Tommy: This guitar was given to me in 2003.
Matt: Wow!
Tommy: So, it’s been a lot of shows and it’s a really great guitar I’ve had it this is the 3rd set of frets since 2003.
Neil: It’s been a less…
Tommy: It’s bare amount I get them…


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