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Portable Amplifiers


Jack van Breen from Guitar Showcase shows us how to take your electric guitar where there’s no electricity. These portable amplifiers are really wonderful with a range of capabilities. One of of these is literally the size of a pack of cigarettes. Cute. But watch this thing power a 12″ speaker! The Vox AC1 Rhythm is a very small amp but sounds great for it’s size. The Roland Cube Street is for serious busking and is a dual 8 watt stereo amp. It even has effects. The Roland AC 33 has plenty of power and even has looping. It does a great job amplifying an acoustic guitar in addition to very punchy electric guitar amplification.


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  1. Stephen Zartman July 30, 2011

    I have the Vox AC1 RV and it is a nice little practice device. I have not had the occassion to take it out and play, but I think in a small setting like a party or on the street it would hold up well. I also have a Vox Amplug which is for silent practice and that I use most often as my home is connectec to another ( don’t want the neighbors pounding on the walls, LOL) Keep Rockin’.


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