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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 14th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 14th, 2016


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Books and Puzzles were the highlight of the News today. Getting started on the Bicycle Tune lesson got me looking through some of my old music books, which led to them being within reach as I started shooting today. I’m sure many old timers have a very similar collection, and probably as well worn as mine.

Other things that popped up during the rambling included Dave Van Ronk, Stefan Grossman, James Taylor, John Fahey, Happy Traum, The Wrecking Crew, browsers, fingerpicking positions, new lessons, and a brain game to take home from a National Geographic Series.

In case you missed the new stuff this week, we went back to 1967 for Never My Love, made famous by The Association but written by The Addrisi Brothers, who never had anything else nearly as big.

We also looked back even further to Mitchell’s Cafe in Greenwich Village, memorialized in Dave Van Ronk’s Gaslight Rag. I expect to be getting to more of this song soon but at least we got a taste of it in Ed’s FOTW this week.

And as far as the John Renbourn piece, I hope to hear how anybody is faring with it before I get to the next section. Although it’s likely it will go up next week at this point.

And back to the puzzle, feel free to ask questions about it here but PM me if you think you have the answer.

And now, back to playing my favorite instrument.



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