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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 21st, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 21st, 2016


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Like I mentioned last week, I had hoped to spend more time playing guitar. The plan was somewhat successful and today’s update included a few pieces that were in danger of falling off the radar. I hope you enjoy them in their various states of repair.

Mixed in there someplace was a review of modes (thanks to a great question on the Forum), which included a couple improvised progressions to try and clear or muddy the issue, comments on some great work on originals from a couple long time contributors, a mention of Santa Cruz Guitar Company reaching the 40 year old milestone, a Graham Nash story or two, and no real answer to last week’s brain teaser, for no logical reason.

The new stuff this week included two lessons from Vanessa, Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me and Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, another installment in John Renbourn’s Bicycle Tune, and a continuing look at Sandy working on playing a solo in Just A Song Before I Go. …and an ending with a few bluegrass licks, for no apparent reason either.

Next week, some Halloween specials (maybe!).



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