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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up May 3rd, 2019

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up May 3rd, 2019


Continuing a thread from last week, a few of my students came in this week with theory questions and I thought I would use this week’s update to elaborate on a lesson with Larry where he wanted a deeper explanation of why the triads in a key work out the way they do. He was particularly interested in being able to explain it to a friend of his who was just getting a little deeper into the subject. As we know, in order to explain something to somebody else you need a better understanding of it to begin with. At the end of this video I go into it a bit but leave some of it hanging. Please let me know if it clears anything up for any of you.

The musical thread this week went down the line of chord progressions with descending bass lines, like what we heard in our latest collaboration from the Time Zone Zombies and some of our other favorite familiar faces. I have to compliment Michele and David for an excellent video that was very entertaining. I played a few examples of songs with similar progressions, and I think I identified most of them.

This week we also released lessons on Just When I Needed You Most by Dolly Parton, Respect by Aretha Franklin, Rock’N Me by Steve Miller anda new 5 Pack of lessons from Ben Harper

Next week I will be traveling on Thursday so more News in two weeks.


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