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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 5, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update May 5, 2023


May 5, 2023

May started with the passing of one of my favorite artists, Gordon Lightfoot. He certainly had big health challenges over the last 20 years but was able to end his recording career with Solo, and album with just his guitar and voice. It was a great way to circle back to his beginnings about 60 years ago. I started today’s Update with a bit of If You Could Read My Mind and scattered a few others throughout.

Lately I have been doing some housekeeping here at TG and found quite a few lessons that never were published. This week’s discoveries were:

Killing Me Softly – Solo Arrangement
Faith by George Michael – an electric lesson from Max to compliment our earlier acoustic one from Nesh.
Dear Rosemary by The Foo Fighters
And I finished our second Frampton tune – Show Me The Way

I also got to a Student Review of Moosebreath playing Abacus by Fionn Regan.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming emails about special events here. The first will be a contest to help us design some new packs. And speaking of packs, some new lessons have been added to packs by Gordon Lightfoot (now a 7-Pack), Ed Sheeran (now an 8-Pack), David Bowie (now a 6-Pack), George Michael (the addition of the new Faith lesson), and Mississippi John Hurt (now a 10-Pack). Find them and more on the Specials page if you are interested.

Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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  1. Allan White May 8, 2023

    Neil, I’ve just watched your two YouTube videos on John Renbourn, which I totally loved. It was like looking into a mirror of my own journey with John; every word about him resonated with me.
    If you get to read this, I invite you to email me, then I will give you some news about the resting place of John’s extensive musical archive.


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