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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 15th, 2013

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up March 15th, 2013


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This week the News wandered into even more directions than usual. I think I covered the new Target releases somewhere in there but I do remember talking about my return trip from Florida and showing the case and cover that I use, which I have a lot of faith in, maybe too much. The case is a Calton and the cover is from the Colorado Case Company. Even United Airlines came through for me last week, in spite of their suspect reputation, which I believe is now repaired.

The new Target releases included Student Reviews on Still The Same by Bob Seger and Cowgirl In The Sand by Neil Young. Our FOTW this week focused on 6/8 time and a bit on how to think about dividing beats. I really have to thank Kevin for coming across common problems for music students.

The song lessons this week were on Taxi by Harry Chapin and Leonard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat. Both of these songs have some very interesting things happening in them and I hope everybody checked them out whether or not they seem like something you might want to tackle.

I found quite a few interesting threads on the Forum this week and commented on some, including the question on modulation, our old Campfire Songs, the new Challenges thread, as well as the great comments everybody had on ‘How I Wish I Had Started Playing Guitar.’

The big news for the week is that we have gotten some great guest teachers committed to our September event although it will be a few more days till we can announce them. All I can say is I had a very short list of my top prospect and am not looking any further!

Spaces will be somewhat limited so I suggest that anybody thinking about coming checks in regularly next week, as we hope to have everything firmed up in a couple days and will be offering an early bird special to Target members.

Till then-
Stay Tuned & In Touch,


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