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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 9, 2011

TG News

Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 9, 2011


We are bringing out the TG News on Thursday this week because of a few
timely bulletins. The big news is what’s happening at Google in honor
of Les Paul’s birthday. Head over to their home page and make up a
little tune that you can share with TG and the world. Be sure to post
your song on the TG Forum, spread it around the world with Twitter,
Facebook, and any other social media you are connected to, and we will
give away a 30-minute Skype lesson with yours truly to the one we
judge the best. Judging criteria will be somewhat random due to the
rushed nature of this.

Speaking of the Forum, I hope everybody has seen the post about what a
10-year old girl from New York is doing in the interest of helping out
MattB. Amazing what a little bit of inspiration can do.

Continuing into Forum news, the idea of sending a TG Banner around the
world collecting signatures from members popped up recently. Some of
the ides are really great and the more folks we can get involved, the

I’d also like to bring up our Wiki Pages again. This is where you can
contribute some of your own information and ideas about your favorite
bands. Just click on a band’s name in the Master Menu and you will be
taken to their page where you can create or edit anything there.

I also notice a few people have tried out Song Surgeon and posted some
comments on it. In case you missed this, Song Surgeon is a piece of
software I use almost everyday as I work on new lessons. In a
nutshell, it allows me to slow audio tracks down, change pitch, and
loop small segments, all very useful techniques for learning new songs
(or old songs for that matter). That is really only the tip of the
iceberg but most of what guitar students will find immediately helpful.

As far as new Target lessons, this week we added a couple of more Cat
Stevens tunes to the library- Moonshadow and Peace Train. These tunes
were also wrapped up into our Cat Stevens 6 Pack, with the addition of
other lessons on Wild World, Father And Son, Morning Has Broken, and
The Wind.

The rest of the week included Time Of The Season by The Zombies, Sally
Where’d You Get Your Whiskey, and Lesson 3 of Sleight Of Hand. This is
a section where the counting can get VERY confusing… proceed with
extreme caution!

Best to all and more next week.

Stay Tuned& In Touch,



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