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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 17th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up June 17th, 2016


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We are just a little over two months away from IGC 2016 and nearly full. A few recent registrations leave us with only 2 spots remaining so if you are on the fence and thinking about joining us please do so soon!

As we head into Father’s Day Weekend here it seemed appropriate to get to work on Paul Simon’s song Father And Daughter (and as recently requested on the Forum). This was a lot of fun but turned into a much bigger project than I imagined as Paul’s guitar part is very basic and empty without extra musicians adding leads and percussive attacks. Needless to say, I had to incorporate those into a solo accompaniment version, leading to a very challenging, Level 7 song. In any case, I hope there are things in there for everybody.

Completely coincidentally, Vanessa also had Paul on her hit list and gave us a great take on The Only Living Boy In New York. We also had the end of Lynn’s lesson from her recent trip to TG Central, this time going over hand position, and general goofing off and having a great time.

Somehow, as the News was ending, a pick showed up and my guitar tackled Day Tripper with a few morphs into some other Simon classics. I don’t think anybody will have any trouble identifying them this time.

Till next week… Stay Tuned & In Touch,



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