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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 26th, 2016

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up February 26th, 2016


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This week we started a new feature that I am really excited about, Listen Up! – Musical Challenges. This was partly inspired by our new DVD set Ear Phonics. It has got me to thinking that everybody should spend more time on improving their listening skills, and maybe songwriting as well. I see a little more emphasis in those directions in the near future.

I really hope to be getting some PMs from people as they take the challenge.

Today’s News started with a little noodling related to the Rod Stewart strumming question that appeared on the Forum this week. A little later I got to a bit of a breakdown of how to approach it.

We did have a couple new Target additions this week with Fred going through Tin Man, Here Comes The Sun and Sunshine, along with Three Dog Night’s version of Out In The Country. I think I see more from them in the near future as well.

I had a bit of a funny experience recently where I randomly remembered a guitar piece I out together for a lesson over five years ago and immediately forgot about it until something triggered the memory bank recently. I took a short look at it a few days ago and made the mistake of trying to run through it today. Sometimes you should really think through things a little better. In any case, I hope you get an idea of what The Mayflower Ramble sounds like. Maybe more instrumentals were in the cards soon too.

On to March…



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