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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 31, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update March 31, 2023


March 31, 2023

After more than a year, we have big news about Totally Guitars – One of our most popular features, going back to the cave man days of 2009, was our Student Review Portal. We had hundreds of students upload videos of songs they were working on and the teachers would post Reviews with suggestions and comments. It is back and our first Review is live and posted. I hope lots more members of the TG Community will take advantage of it soon.

This week I was able to put together an Acoustic Snapshot of a solo arrangement of Albatross, Peter Green’s beautiful instrumental from the early Fleetwood Mac Days. A lesson on that is just a couple days out now.

Today’s tip went into improvising while keeping a steady bass pattern going. There were examples using an alternating pattern, like you might find in Mississippi John Hurt songs, and a mono bass pattern like you hear in Green River. Hopefully you can get started on applying a little of that to your own playing.

I ended with my own improv using a 12-bar approach in E Minor.

See you next week,



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