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Tommy Emmanuel Interview – Ruby’s Eyes

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel Interview – Ruby’s Eyes


Tommy: So some of the songs like Ruby’s Eyes, so I’ll played last this song (Strumming the guitar)
Matt: Yes
Tommy: That came out first as fingerlike song the live album co’z I was kind of the middle writing stuff and you got them.
Matt: Right
Tommy: And I didn’t have enough to complete a studio album. And so, I put it in my show and then put it out on the live album (Strumming the guitar), but you know this song Ruby’s Eyes I got the idea I wrote that in Melbourne. I got the idea because I heard this chord (Strumming the guitar), and it changes on the menu (Strumming the guitar), ‘Where are you’…then the chord stays the same and the base changes ‘Why do you hide’ (Strumming the guitar), dodooo…dodooo…remember that? Moonraker…So I heard that chord (Strumming the guitar).
Matt: Wow! Is there a chance don’t have minors on it?
Tommy: I don’t know what it is it’s just a nice sound
Neil: Yeah it’s an E minor and an E sharp as well…
Tommy: Yeah
Neil: An E minor 11 some sort
Tommy: It did tell you than I could (laughing)
Matt: Yeah he’s a walking encyclopedia
Tommy: And then when I bring the verse in, it’s like telling a story (Strumming the guitar), chords… (Strumming the guitar)…
Matt: Beautiful!


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