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Tommy Emmanuel Interview – Finger Lakes

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel Interview – Finger Lakes


Tommy Emmanuel: I’m experimenting with everything like for instance… There’s a song I played last night called The Finger Lakes which is a sacred Indian area to a Native Americans and so there’s a sound that I make a lot like this was, this was… This was the…
TGMatt: Yes?
Tommy Emmanuel: “Here we are on the Water” right? And…
**Guitar Playing**
…try to reach it back to our hands, just do something here and then…
**Guitar Playing**
…so that song came from being it that’s far and a man, and just closing your eyes and imagining going back to a hundred years. “Here we are on the Water” you know… And that’s where it came from.
TGMatt: Is that on the album right now or it’s kind of?
Tommy Emmanuel: It’s on my live album.
TGMatt: Okay.
Tommy Emmanuel: Well the new… The center stage album and it’s also on my new studio album which is coming out this year. This is studio version. I was doing a studio version of every song.


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  1. robmag November 4, 2010

    MAtt and Neil-
    Excellent interview with Tommy. You guys are great. Keep iot up!


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