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Tommy Emmanuel: Keeping It Simple

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel: Keeping It Simple


Matt: When you say, you know, intention, you have of course do it many times…
Tommy: Yes.
Matt: Can you explain that a little bit more?
Tommy: Well the… Instead of sounding… I can only explain it that it doesn’t sound guitar intent, it’s more piano which sounds wonderful on the guitar. Like for instance. There is a song I write called Keep It Simple, and I purposely use that… that sound. Let me play it in D4. I’ll just play a little bit of this song and we’ll come back. I write this song and the bass part is (strumming the guitar). It’s really weird.
Matt: Oh! Yeah.
Tommy: But you listen how it sounds in the song
(Playing the guitar)
Tommy: See it in the bass?
Neil: Great! Yeah.
Tommy: Yeah. It never quite resolved, isn’t it?
Neil: One of my students is working on a little bit on Angelina, but he’s also working an Andrew York piece it’s called Building The World or something, that has… It does a lot of same type of thing that used in the bass and the chords are not matching them and the things like that.


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