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Tommy Emmanuel: Tears In Heaven

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel: Tears In Heaven


Tommy: Just listening to Billy Joel and Elton John and people like that, and hearing… and Eric Clapton, too. Like… here we go (strumming the guitar).
Neil: That same bass and then the last 3 chords, yeah.
Tommy: And so, that a D with a F# bass. (Strumming the guitar). Then A with the E bass. That’s very guessable. Hear that?
Neil: Yeah.
Tommy: That’s why that song touches people because it’s one of the greatest songs ever written. Then the bridge in that song is a true masterpiece.
Neil: Yeah.
Tommy: (Playing the guitar and sing). Now, we’re in G.
Neil: Yeah.
Tommy: Wow!
Neil: And the melody that kicks…
Tommy: (Playing the guitar and sing)
Neil: Kicks the melody out there.
Tommy: (Playing the guitar and sing)
Neil: Wow! Yeah.
Tommy: Oh men! Not many people have written anything that powerful. It’s just so powerful. And yet, it’s just a few chords, isn’t it?
Neil: Normal descending bass progression, nothing…
Tommy: That’s the… That’s what makes Eric Clapton so great.
Neil: Yeah.
Tommy: He says so much but so little. And that’s a powerful gift.
Neil: You know, you’re talking about Billy Joel and, ‘coz like She’s Always A Woman is great example of that too. Just the melo… the baseline goes back to A Whiter Shade of Pale.
Tommy: That’s right. Yeah.
Neil: But then you know, generations ago but…
Tommy: Exactly.


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