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Totally Guitars Weekly Update September 29, 2023

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Totally Guitars Weekly Update September 29, 2023


September 29, 2023

This week I got back to some of the normal TG stuff, a couple Student Reviews and a couple new lessons. The update started with some improvising based on one of the new Uploads, Love Has No Pride, and later had a bit of one of the new lessons, New York State Of Mind. This led into some chat about Mark-Almond’s version of the Billy Joel song, which included a smooth transition into their most famous song, The City.

We also had an upload of So Begins The Task by Stephen Stills that I reviewed, as well as a new lesson from Nesh on I’d Love You To Want Me by Lobo.

One of the classes I gave at this year’s International Guitar Camp went into recognizing intervals on the guitar, particularly 4ths and 5ths, then branching into octaves and 3rds. I may have rambled and wandered a bit but I might stay on that subject over the next few weeks and hope to help clear some fog for a few of you.

On to October,



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