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Tommy Emmanuel in The Entertainment Business

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel in The Entertainment Business


Matt: I love what you just said before. You’re still looking? Because I bet, you know, everything is going down, hasn’t it? I mean, you still coming out with stuff.
Tommy: I’m working on it a lot, absolutely. And,(Strumming the guitar). They never see anybody do that stuff, you know? And it’s just that’s why I’m looking forward because everything I do is should be musical, entertaining, and a surprise…
Matt: Right
Tommy: You know? I’m pulling rabbit out of the hat every 5 minutes on the stage, you know? ‘Coz I’m in the entertainment business, and I don’t care if what people think particularly musical snobs, you know. I had guy actually saying to me one night, it was a bit entertaining.
Matt: (Laughs)
Tommy: It was a bit entertaining.
Neil: Do you expect any part of him or something…
Tommy: You know, he’s opening line and I thought, oh well, I mean,,,and I just want to say that it was a brilliant show, but it was a bit entertaining.
Matt: (Laughs)
Neil: It’s like nice try…
Tommy: James Marcy gets the same thing. It’s actually the same thing, you know? Because, it’s like, I don’t what they think we’re doing. Do they think we’re being disrespectful to the music by making it fun and entertaining, because we’re not. We’re in the entertainment business. People paying money, they come, they wanna be entertained and it’s our job to take those people away. Not last but the night before, I saw a more smiling faces in one room than I’ve ever seen in my life, and everybody was smiling the whole night. I though, “Wow! This is incredible!” Every time I looked over the people beaming back at me, you know? And it just drove me on, you know? And it was a beautiful night. And that’s more important. I wanna give life enjoy to people and I do it with my every ability and every available thing that I can master up, I put it out there, you know?
Matt: This little bit that you’re learning that you working on the style thing, is that something that you gonna incorporate, you know…
Tommy: I’ll find somebody to put (laughs).
Matt: And I wanna be there.
Tommy: Someone who’s gonna watch this will do something better with it.
Matt: And that’s why they’re gonna buy your next album because you never know what’s show off.
Tommy: There’s a lot of stuff on that one, yeah.


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