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Tommy Emmanuel on Practicing

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel on Practicing


Matt: Do you play, you know. You’re playing shows…
Tommy: What?
Matt: Three or 4 nights every week, something like that.
Tommy: More than that.
Matt: Okay. Do you practice at all when you…
Tommy: Yeah, I’ve practicing this morning.
Matt: What do you do when you practice? Like…
Tommy: Play songs and work on things, and I enjoy it. I played, I try to remember some tunes on how to use to play them and then I messed with the arrangement and stuff like that. Or, some days, I’ll just play purely for motor skills to rebuild strength. So I’ll play campbell for an hour. You know, it goes…
(Strumming the guitar)
So that’s really working a coordination, you what I mean? So, you that for a while and you really build your strength, so… And then I’ll play chords right like this… (Strumming the guitar) where I’m covering 4 strings with a little pinky and working all these muscles here. You should need that and then (strumming the guitar).
Matt: Yeah! You setting your machines…
Tommy: No.
Matt: You’ve never that it before?
Tommy: No. I’m not interested in any of that. What I’m interested in is this. I’m totally dedicated to this and getting this to do what I need them to do…
Matt: Right.
Tommy: No.
Tommy: And find where I would go with it, you know? Because in actual fact, to play stuff like what I do Over The Rainbow stuff (strumming the guitar). To get that kind of clarity, it not only takes accuracy but strength in this hand to get the clarity, right?
Matt: Yeah.
Tommy: Because the notes have to ring in to one another. And they can’t be any buzzes or fluff sound. And that’s how I get the clarity (strumming the guitar).
Neil: So how may hours do you riff when you put into working on that particular lick. I mean, obviously the technique was there along before…
Tommy: Well, it’s still… I’m still discovering things. Like this, I just recovered of playing
Matt: Playing like a harp…
Tommy: Scale of this thing in harmonics (strumming the guitar). So, I’m always looking for new things and new ways to do it…


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