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Tommy Emmanuel: Lady Madonna

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Emmanuel: Lady Madonna


Tommy: Even something is complicated or as well known, something like Lady Madonna which I play (strumming the guitar) with the riff. Then you go… (Strumming the guitar). I come up there long time ago, and actually, I got the idea from Chet’s version ‘coz he didn’t know… holds pick on the B, and he did (strumming the guitar) as well, right? What I did is I practiced it up and then I went back and listen to McCartney singing… Lady Madonna. And so when I practiced the motor skills enough, I’ve started thinking about (strumming the guitar) ‘coz that’s a repetitive thing, right? So I started thinking (strumming the guitar). See how they move the melody around. (Strumming the guitar and singing) Right?
Matt: Yes?
Tommy: And so, when I practiced it up enough, then I started playing it with feeling and with groove and with some balls, you know? And so that’s what the practice help me to forget about the motor skills and only think about the music.
Matt: Right.
Tommy: But you gotta get to that point.
Matt: We’re all coming from beginner level to… and we look at somebody like you who… it’s just amazing and stunning, and we think in many ways, well that’s impossible. We’ll never gonna get there. And it’s probably true.
Tommy: But we used to, I think about Chet Atkins until we started working on it…
Matt: Right.
Tommy: You know?
Matt: One step at a time, huh?
Tommy: That’s right, yeah. Little by little.


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