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Neil at Espresso Garden Part 1 – Whodunit?

Neil In Concert

Neil at Espresso Garden Part 1 – Whodunit?


The Espresso Garden Cafe was a coffee house/restaurant and small concert venue in San Jose until a few years ago. They had a continuous series of live shows featuring traveling musicians from around the world. Neil did a few concerts there over the years and in December of 2001 played 2 sets to a packed house, about 80 people. There was a camera planted just below the stage which captured the evening, although at a somewhat unusual angle. A recent housecleaning mission at Neil’s turned into an archeological dig and we are happy to share some of the footage with you. We start this series with his opening piece that night, ‘Whodunit?’.


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  1. Jim56 December 23, 2010

    Nice shirt! Is that a Reyn Spooner? Like that tune as well.

  2. Marc Lavallee December 23, 2010

    No wonder Neil has no problem playing the regular rock songs, his composition are so elaborate that the rest is easy for him. Great playing


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