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Send In The Clowns – Solo Guitar by Neil Hogan

Acoustic Snapshots

Send In The Clowns – Solo Guitar by Neil Hogan


After losing track of this song that I played frequently until about 25 years ago, I was visiting friends in the woods of New Hampshire and they had the sheet music that I remembered having, but must have misplaced. I remembered having put together what I thought was a nice arrangement and figured I couldn’t resurrect that but was pretty happy with what developed this time.
Most of my generation remembers this from Judy Collins recording in 1975, which was even enough for me to attend a local Community Theater production of the musical, A Little Night Music in the 1980s.
Stephen Sondheim is famous for complex progressions and this is a good example of why. That helps explain how I had much trouble piecing it together by ear and memory. It also has some time signature changes that are so smooth and flowing they are almost unnoticeable. There is now a lesson on my arrangement at Totally Guitars for anybody interested in the tab.

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