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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 23, 2020

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up October 23, 2020


October 23, 2020

This morning I was caught by a post in the Recommend A Lesson Forum that had a bunch of suggestions for lessons. Most of them were from bands I tend to keep on a side burner, if not a front one. I opened with a short snippet of a Porcupine Tree song, which was not one of the requests but one I have really liked. That led to a short Al Stewart story and thoughts on a few of his songs.

We had a rough week at TG Central with noise all day as the streets are being repaved, which set me back a bit in lesson production but got me working on some behind the scenes projects, like tuning up the blog a bit, starting to re-categorize some lessons to make them easier to find (theory ones mostly), and dealing with a real mouse in the basement (Casper he said his name was) – pictures maybe soon.

We have a new feature on at the site that you might consider taking advantage of, a gift card. Check it out in the top menu next to your username and shopping cart icon.

This week’s new releases included:
Andante by Fernando Sor
Caravan by Duke Ellington
Kind And Generous by Natalie Merchant
Fretboard Freedom 2-A The Circle Of Fifths.

Next week we will see the delayed Send In The Clowns solo arrangement, as well the Linda Ronstadt song I played a bit of, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, something from Tim Hardin, Harder To Breathe by Maroon 5, and another original instrumental (paving dependent possibly).

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  1. ROD HILL October 24, 2020

    Neil.I love your blogs,which I listen to every Saturday morning here in the UK.A couple of suggestions for lessons you might do are; Baby Wants To Go To France by Keb Mo.Secondly, Black Sheep Boy by Tim Hardin. Keep up the good work. Rod.


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