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And Winter Glows – Neil Hogan

Acoustic Snapshots

And Winter Glows – Neil Hogan


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Last week I put out a Work-In-Progress of this piece that appeared just before New Year’s Eve 2014, and I figured it was time to update it a bit, with a little more of the story.
It was a very cold night on December 30, 2014, well cold for Northern California, and I sat down with my guitar and a starting visualizing warmth and family, maybe sitting around the fire enjoying each other’s company. The guitar started playing this soft, gentle melody and wouldn’t stop. In less than an hour I had outlines for two sections. Very early the next morning I revisited and refined them a little, and it was done. I polished it up a bit over the next few days, mostly working on transitions between the sections, and this is what it sounds like now. One of my students suggested I should even call it Norman Rockwell but the title pretty much came along with the song as well.
I also thought it might be nice to experiment with multiple cameras as that is something I generally don’t take the time to do in most video lessons. In any case, I hope you like it.
Happy Holidays!


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1 Comment

  1. William Osmeyer January 10, 2015

    Most appropriately named, and lovely to boot. An outstanding piece of work. Thank you.


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