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This Masquerade with Corina

Acoustic Snapshots

This Masquerade with Corina


Since I finally got around to a lesson on Masquerade, and after some requests for a full run through of it, I figured it was time to get some help from Corina. This is just one of many songs we like to play, but really one of my two favorites. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Larry May 19, 2022


    Very nice. What is the model guitar you are using?

    Larry Herrera

    1. admin June 23, 2022

      Hi Larry,
      Thanks for the message and guitar question. I basically have two nice guitars. The one in this video was built by Ed Claxton in Santa Cruz, just over the hill from my home in Northern California. I also have a Santa Cruz Guitar, Model FTC, built for me in 1982. They are easily distinguishable because the SCGC has markers inlaid in the fingerboard.


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