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Acoustic Guitar Inkblot #1

Acoustic Snapshots

Acoustic Guitar Inkblot #1


A few days ago I was bitten by the composing bug and dropped everything for a day and a half to write a new tune. I had a couple of images in mind but thought I would share this with the TG Community and ask for impressions as to what this piece makes you picture or think about. Part of this is also in the interest of finding the right title for the tune. Feedback on impressions and possible titles will be greatly appreciated and considered.


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  1. Zak Henderson January 13, 2013

    Hello Mr. Hogan,
    I found it interesting that you described this as a Rorshach test, because that was exactly my thought as I started to listen to the song.
    However the title that came to mind was “Losing your head”. I am sure that you understand that reference. I thought that you seemed to slightly alter the signature phrase of the tune everything that you returned to it…. Or maybe I just kept losing it! Humbly I submit that I found it hard to follow the changes; I mean no offense by this, I assure you. It’s just my spontaneous reaction to the first listening.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Peace. Bro Zak

  2. Scott February 3, 2013

    Should be called “What if”. Random stuff that takes a chance…..


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