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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 5th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 5th, 2014


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This week: Puzzles, Solutions, MIA Reports, Harmony, and General Confusion.

Today’s News started with clues about the Whodunit? question, but the main thread was along the lines of reconnecting with old students. The new stuff this week included Roger Waters’ If, from Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother album, the latest from Ed Sheeran, I’m A Mess, a Fly On The Wall talking (and almost singing) harmony with Sandy, and a the B Section to Wai’uli.

This also sparked a request from an old returning student to include more original pieces as lessons. Curiously, I had two people come in this week both working on Horizons, by Steve Hacket. Maybe more on that later.

I also talked about IGC a bit. As we get closer there are a lot of exciting things happening but more and more details to attend to. I was thrilled to hear from John Keleman, who expressed that last year’s camp was the highlight of his year. A bit of an update on John is included in today’s update as well.

Hopefully the next few weeks will continue without major interruption but if your programming seems a little different please bear with us. Till then…

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