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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 12th, 2014

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up September 12th, 2014


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Today there was a lot of playing and not much information. The info included a bit of a clarification on the bedding question at the Quaker Center, and supply stores campers might want to hit on the way up, and the usual rundown on new lessons for the week. The lessons included The Indigo Girls’ Least Complicated, the final parts of Wai’uli, a theory-based Fly On The Wall with Ed that started with a run through St. James Infirmary Blues, and the surprise song of the week, Venus by Shocking Blue.

The musical angles explored included a stab at an instrumental version of Venus, which led into Mystery Song #1 (later revealed), and a bit of a piece of mine called Shadows Of Moloka’i. I think there was a hint of another Mystery Song (not revealed), both of which were tunes that I heard early this morning on my favorite internet radio station, 3wk.

No telling whether we will be able to get the News, or any info for that matter, out from the Quaker Center next week, we might just try to post stuff on the Forum, Facebook, or hope the can & string set up is still functional.

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